Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My story with personal trainer

Every time I visit my personal trainer I open a new discussion, last visit I told him : every time I visit you stretching my body but today I will stretch your mind , so he laughed. I asked him a question : why women wear high heels? He answered they like to be more beauty , Then I asked him : why Tall woman wear high heels? He smile and knew he fall in my trap ! i said : It is philosophy answer are you ready going to philosophy ocean ? Women philosophy differ than men philosophy , from different angel , one of these called "starting point" , women like to start from their dreams while men start from the reality. Women starting " achieving goals " from dreams , they seek how to make reality close to their dreams , while men start from reality , it looks the same but it is a crucial difference ! when a man decide to make a garden near his house he will think what is the reality of my land and what is the stages , while woman will keep thinking about how will looks at the end ! These are two different philosophy make women keep focus on last end products while men focus on the process and thinking about Row Material and how they reach the last project ! Even it is small difference but it leads to a Big difference on achieving Goals , Ladies not measuring their progress and what is the stage they are in , because of their nature and of their way of thinking , to answer the question , ladies nature seeking beauty For sure , one of the beauties is being tall. But because their nature not to check the reality they keep wear high heels even they are tall , At the end I told my personal trainer something if your daughter ask you to build a house in March tell her how you get me their so I build that house ? Abdullah abdullatif Alibrahim
Note: not all women are heavy dreamer !